**hi i'm miroslav/soleil it/they pt-br mainly/eng/irish+

about i am both physically and mentally disabled and i write about gay people If you have any complains over my humanoid person, then idk what to tell you... i don't know how to interact with people so i apologise in advance (but feel free to talk to me anyway i don't bite!)
other i love my bf.... also i do selfshipping and oc x canon so if you don't like that feel free to not interact i think

horror, obscure media, lost media, weird stuff, weirdcore, psychology, biology, medicine, animals

loud noises, not seeing teeth, i really like teeth like i think they're really beautiful


nekojiru-sou/cat soup, horror or weird movies in general and more that i can't recall
crime and punishment, war and peace, the divine comedy, the count of monte cristo, don quixote, the portrait of dorian gray, and more
literally anything made by project moon at this point